I migrated my personal site from WordPress to Octopress in order to lessen dependencies. This is part of something I’ve wanted to do for a while – a “disposable” VPS.

I’ve been managing my personal VPS with Puppet for a while now. I wanted to simplify things and be able to destroy and spin up my VPS with minimal effort.

Take a look at these two repos I have as a starting point:


This is a Packer template I’m using the build the base image. Pretty simple – create a DigitalOcean image that I can use to create “droplets” with. Puppet is installed as part of the Packer build.


This is my Puppet “control repository.” This is what defines Puppet environments and contains the “blueprints” for them. Pretty simple in the case of a single, personal VPS to manage.

Basically, I wanted everything about my VPS kept in version control. Nothing to really backup or worry about. No databases to restore, etc.

This works quite well. Of course, I don’t really use my VPS for much outside having a landing page for myself and some old articles folks stumble upon (which are gone for now). If you got here via a Google search for some doc I wrote and now can’t find it, feel free to contact me and I’ll dig it up.